Worst Foods For Oral Health

Worst Foods For Oral Health

Posted by Smiles Ahead Family Dentistry on Nov 9 2022, 06:37 AM

Worst Foods For Oral Health

We all have our favorite foods and drinks. But did you know that some of them can be harmful to your teeth? Below are some of the food items and beverages that can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

  • Sticky candy

Flossing your teeth on a daily basis is important, but so is limiting the types of foods you eat. Foods that are sticky or chewy can cling to your teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities. The best things to eat are soft foods such as yogurt or applesauce. If you do indulge in a sticky treat, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly afterward! 

  • Hard candies

Hard candies are incredibly bad for your dental health for a couple of different reasons. First, they’re extremely sticky and sugary, which makes it easier for bacteria to stick to your teeth and cause tooth decay. Second, they often break apart into several sharp-edged pieces that can cut your gums or cheeks if you accidentally bite down on them. This can break your teeth as well.

While hard candies can certainly be a fun treat once in a while, it’s best to avoid consuming them every day. Instead, you may want to try sugar-free gum or mints, or fresh fruit. These are much lower in sugar content, which can help protect the health of your teeth and gums.

  • Sports drinks

A sports drink may quench your thirst, but it won’t do much for your oral health. These drinks contain acids that can do a lot of damage to your teeth. Some sports drinks also contain lots of sugar which feed the bacteria in your mouth and causes tooth decay and cavities. Try to avoid these drinks or drink water instead. If you do decide to drink a sports drink, use a straw to protect your teeth and drink it quickly instead of sipping on it all day.

  • Coffee

If you love coffee, you’re not alone! Over half of Americans drink coffee every day. But did you know that coffee is one of the biggest culprits in the creation of cavities? We recommend limiting your coffee intake to no more than two cups a day for healthy teeth. 

Caffeine temporarily increases the amount of saliva that your mouth produces, which is helpful for washing away food particles and neutralizing the acids produced by plaque bacteria. However, caffeine can also dry out your mouth. If you drink a lot of coffee or soda throughout the day, your dry mouth will eventually lead to tooth decay. In addition, dark-colored drinks such as coffee contain chromogens, which stain your teeth and can contribute to yellowing over time. You can prevent staining by drinking through a straw, rinsing with water after drinking coffee or soda, brushing your teeth as soon as possible after eating or drinking something dark in color and avoiding tobacco products. 

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