Invisalign in Columbus, OH

Invisalign in Columbus, OH

What is Invisalign?

Made from transparent plastic material with shape memory, Invisalign is an orthodontic aligner that looks quite similar to a mouthguard. Once patients wear the aligner, its walls will gently apply pressure to the teeth and move them to their orthodontically desired positions. Perhaps, the best feature about Invisalign is their transparency.


The Invisalign system involves the use of multiple sets of aligners to bring the teeth to their desired alignment. During the first visit, we will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the oral cavity to understand the severity of the malocclusion. We will also use the data to develop the perfect treatment plan to address your oral concern.

A hand-held scanning device is used to record the positions of your teeth. The data obtained will be input into a computer, where it will be used to create a 3D digital impression. The advanced technology backing Invisalign allows us to create a highly creative simulation of the movement of your teeth. Even before the treatment starts, you will know how your smile will look after completing the treatment. This data will be used to make the aligners from a dental-grade transparent plastic material.

Usage of Invisalign

When the treatment starts, we will give you the first set of aligners and explain their usage in detail. The aligners will ideally have to be worn for 22 hours every day. They can only be taken off while eating food or brushing your teeth, meaning they will have to be on even while you sleep. Once every two weeks, a new set of aligners will be given to you to advance to the next stage of treatment. Based on the type of malocclusion and its severity, the treatment may last between a few months to a couple of years.


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