Teeth Whitening in Columbus, OH

Teeth Whitening in Columbus, OH

Have you ever kept yourself from smiling with your whole heart because you felt your teeth are too dull? Discoloration of the teeth is a significant issue when it comes to the aesthetics of an individual’s smile. It can cause a severe lack of confidence, and patients with stained teeth often feel too conscious during social gatherings. They are mostly seen posing with an awkward smile for photos.

The most common cause of teeth discoloration is irregular and improper brushing of the teeth. Over time, this can leave a layer of plaque on their surface, making them appear yellowish or brownish. Another common cause of teeth staining is the excessive consumption of colored foods. The coloring particles could get lodged in the minute pores on the enamel, giving the teeth a dull appearance. Other causes of teeth discoloration are smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, chewing tobacco, ill-effects of consuming certain medications, worn out teeth, aging, etc.

What is the solution?

Customized teeth whitening solutions are the best way to get rid of the stains from the teeth surfaces. Some of the popular teeth whitening solutions are:

  • Conventional teeth whitening using a whitening gel
  • Teeth whitening with customized trays
  • Laser teeth whitening

Conventional teeth whitening

Most teeth whitening gels contain Hydrogen Peroxide, a vital substance that helps to remove the stains from the surface of the teeth. Oxygen molecules are liberated by hydrogen peroxide, which enters the minute pores of the enamel and gets rid of the staining particles. The dentist will apply the whitening gel to the teeth and let it stay for a few minutes. After this, the gel will be rinsed off, and you can see that your teeth have turned a shade whiter. Depending on the severity of the staining, the procedure may be repeated multiple times to get the desired level of whitening.

Whitening using customized trays

In this type of teeth whitening, we will give the patient customized trays made from dental-grade plastic. These plastic trays resemble the appearance of a mouthguard and have to be used with the whitening gel. The trays prevent saliva from coming in contact with the gel and ensure maximum contact between the gel and the teeth. It is known to be more effective compared to conventional teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is known to be the most effective means of getting brighter teeth. During this procedure, we use a photosensitive whitening gel that can be activated using the light of the right wavelength. The dentist will provide you with protective goggles, and the whitening gel will be applied to the surface of the teeth. A blue activating light will be used to produce a foam, which speeds up the whitening process. Out of all the available means, laser teeth whitening is known to be the quickest one and produces results that last a long time.

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